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Dr. Vandanapal Bansal

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Thank you so much doctor. God has used you to bless my family. We can’t be happier seeing our beautiful daughter. Your professional is top notch. Glad how you managed my case.

I want to say thanks to Dr. Vandana Pal Bansal (Gynecologist) who has been amazing doctor ever and also reception staff, laboratory staff thanks very much. Dr. Vandana has been an amazing doctor since I came to Naif medical Center as a TTC mother, I being trying to get pregnant for very long time but when I met Dr. Vandana and told her all I am passing through she sent me to do some laboratory tests which I did and after she prescribed some medication to me and she continued giving me treatment and Glory be to God almighty today I am pregnant 🤰 of 4 months and some days and she still the one taking care of me for my antenatal and all throughout my 4 months and some days my pregnancy is so smooth no issues. My name is Merit Oluchi Ogwa soon am going to be a mother I am so happy all thanks to God and Dr. Vandana Pal Bansal ❤️

Merit Oluchi Ogwa
Thank you so much Dr. VANDANA from the bottom of hearts for taking such good care of us during the pregnancy !! Because of your professionalism and great smiles, we feel like we are in good hands and that give us peace of mind towards the big day.

I am Veena Das staying in Ajman.I have been under the treatment of Dr.Vandana Bansal for the past 5 months.She is an excellent doctor who is very friendly and treats her patients with utmost care.She clears all our doubts and concerns patiently.I am really grateful to her as she helped me a lot to overcome all issues related to pregnancy by giving proper care and guidance.I highly recommend Vandana Bansal for being an incredible gynaecologist.

Veena Das
As women near their 50’s it is imperative that they understand the importance of undergoing screenings like Pap smear and mammograms. Being in my 50’s and with a family history of breast cancer, I sought out help from Dr Vandana to help me navigate the annual screenings and check ups. She also advised about diet , exercise and self care which is a must if good physical health needs to be maintained. The problems associated with menopause were also taken care of by her and this otherwise stressful phase was a breeze for me due to the guidance provided by Dr Vandana! The doctor with the correct combination of knowledge yet compassion and empathy to provide a patient ear to our woes, her positive attitude is the best asset she possesses and instils on all her patients!
Pallavi Khanna
I would like to thank my gynaecologist, Dr. Vandhana Bansal at the Advance Medical Center in Ajman, for my regular prenatal checkup. After two months, the pregnancy was confirmed. I am frightened and ask way too many questions. She answered all my questions in great detail and with tremendous patience. From advice ranging from medical to lifestyle to hints and tips, Dr. Vandana Bansal was always available to help and share. She is personable, compassionate, and extremely thorough in her approach to medicine and her speciality in gynecology. Its a joy to know you. May you be blessed forever. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a superior gynaecologist,
Sambhavi (India)

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